Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slumber x Half-Sleep!~

Hahayz!~ It's been a while!~


Ive been busy since June ~> I'm taking my 3rd year of college now!~
haha.. I've been busy for so many many works at school and on the club. *sobs*

I'm not going to post some update links guys.. due to short of time.. haha!~ Sorry!~ For those who ask about good manga reads~ I'm goin' to post it next time I got time.. ~ Sorry.. For those who request lay-outs ~ I'm doin' some of it already.. and my request list piled up~ *sobs* ~> I'll post the requested lay-outs as soon as I got done with it... Thanks for so much patience guys. *bows head*..!

Luckily~ this weekend, I'm free.. I'm gonna use that time for updates~ Both lay-outs and this blog. xD~ I hope this weekend I'll be done for the updates.!~


Hahaha ~! xD! Go Kira!~ haha!~

~Again ~ Thanks guys!~

For those who look for my FS account~ It was posted below~
Requests are piling up~ so sorry for delayed actions!~
xD!~ Have a good day!~


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Month-Long AsLeep...

Guys! I'm kinda not goin' to keep an eye for the site for a month *or longer*...
My father told me to go home to Manila this April 2... *sniffles*
I can't drag my desktop with me though *it's too heavy* *sobs* and absolutely no internet-connection at Manila either... xD! *geez.. I'm getting too lonely when I got to think of it again...*
Well.. Though I'm not goin' to online very often *not like now*, You can still leave comments and requests on here... I'll try to respond to it as soon as I got back here *It's a promise!*
Okay.. I can't wait to see my master and senpai there! *drools*

Okay.. for contacts.. *every now and then... somebody is asking me about it* sorry bout' that! I'll list my active accounts.. xD! *You can kindly leave comments and requests there or here*.. *teary eyes*

♣♣♣ Friendster Account! (Click Me!) ♣♣♣
♣♣♣ FS-Layout Account! (Click Me!) ♣♣♣

I'll keep my eye on here and the given sites above every now and then *I could always rent computer at any computer shop anyways.. xD!*

Time for AniManga Sweet Treats...!
Okay.. for now... I'm not goin' to display specific mangas today.. *sorry*
I don't have much time left because I'm goin to leave and go to Manila in exactly 2 hours... so I can't manage to extend this posts... xD! Though.. I'll leave some sites *useful sites* to those BL Lovers like me and also to those who loves anime just much as myself! (^~^)

♣♣♣ Tokudane ♣♣♣
This site provides a wide and up-to-date lists and links of yaoi/yuri mangas *the mangas here are definitely translated!*.. It has links so you can download and read it right away! Well.. this site is my up-to-date guides in terms of BL Genres.

♣♣♣ Aarinfantasy ♣♣♣
This is a stand-alone site to those who just love BL Animes and Genre... Aarinfantasy is the first and foremost scanlation/fansubbed group who sponsors different BL Animes we have right now... Such as Junjou Romantica, Gakuen Heaven, Sukisho, Irokoi Romantan, Princess Princess, Loveless, KirePapa, Papa to kiss in the Dark, Okane Ga Nai, Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation.. *so many more*... So if you want a BL-anime update.. go here! (^~^) I heard there were a couple of BL-animes to be released this year! (^~^)

♣♣♣ Aarinfantasy Gallery ♣♣♣
Okay.. This site *actually it's a forum* contains wide and high-quality yaoi pictures.. xD! *geez... be sure to be adult enough before you go here because some pictures are way too hot.. yah know?* If I can remember.. you should be a member before you access *in full access* the whole gallery.. Dont worry guys! Registering as their member is so easy! It's worthwhile though! (^~^) So.. to those who were askin' where to get picture.. Its recommended to go here.. (^~^)

♣♣♣ MangaFox Yaoi Side! ♣♣♣
I bet many of you knew MangaFox right? haha.. Okay... The link above displays all BL mangas that were available to read-online to the mangafox site.. xD! To those who wanted to read-online.. This is the best site *It contains very wide selection of BL manga in different genres!*.. Geez.. I guess.. I already read the half of them.. haha! (^~^)

♣♣♣ MangaFox Gender-Bender Side! ♣♣♣
Okay.. this time.. The link above displays all Gender-Bender mangas that were available to read-online to the mangafox site... xD! Gender-Bender genre is all about changing genders of hero/heroine by cross-dressing or even changing gender with the opposite gender in some cases... examples of it is Ouran Highschool Host Club *Haruhi, a girl who cross-dresses as a guy*.. I love love this genre so much.. haha. so to those who just loved gender bender genres *like me*... you can hit the link above! There were different gender-bender genres out there!

♣♣♣ MangaHelpers ♣♣♣
Okay.. change topic..! To those who wanted to see raw mangas *mangas that aren't been scanlated and released*.. you can go here.. it provides a wide range of Raw mangas... I go here whenever I feel like I can't wait for next chapters of any manga I'm readin'.. warning: It may contain spoilers so better to think of it (^~^)

♣♣♣ Anilinkz ♣♣♣
This site contains up-to-date animes... yes! You can watch here for free!.. They were streaming free animes here licensed and unlicensed, so you can definitely enjoy watching here without any worries... As far as I can remember,, this free-anime-streaming site contains the largest library of animes of all time *trust me* from old ones to current ones.. haha.. I'm watchin' lots of anime all the time there.. haha..! (^~^)

Junjou Romantica AMV's! *My fellow Anime Brigade members' amv*

Okay.. I guess.. Its my time to get goin' already.. or else I'm gonna be late for my reserved ticket..
If you want to know more about any other reference links of mine... don't hesitate to go on the Link to Heaven section of this blog.. (^~^).. sorry no manga-title updates for now.. I really don't have enough time.. *sobs* geez! I gotta go!

Thank You Very Much Guys!!! (^~^)
Happy Summer Vacation!!!

♠ Maou ♠

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Demon Asleep x Awakening *again*!

It's been a long time *again* since I didn't update the posts... Recently kasi busy ako... at maraming gumambala sa matahimik at maayos na buhay ko... *sighs*.. That's life daw eh! (^~^)
Ayaw ko naman pag-usapan un d2 kasi masakit lang sa kamay at sa mata i-type.. *drools*..
Okay... Not much of true life *I guess* muna... haha.. kasi me, myself done various things this past days... sobra naring daming problema.. *oh yeah!* (^~^)... but still... I really wanted to be at bliss today, kaya Let's cheer up by starting a day with sweet treats! *change topic eh*

Okay... Due to Stephen-nii's and Jemmy-neechama's idea... I'll post some good manga's for you to read... since almost all of the visitors here in my blog are manga-lovers like me.. *thank you guyss!* xD! Okay.. I'll list some of it according to genre... *goodluck to me*.. haha.. some of them are ongoing.. *actually most of them*.. okay.. Check out the list below (^~^)!

Warning: They are ALL totally CUTE! *Certified it!*

♥ Shoujo Genre ♥
Highschool Koukou Debut - Okay.. it is a school life manga where the heroine hope to have a boyfriend but her charm isn't enough thats why... she asked a guy *yehp.. a very cool guy* to coach him in one condition... *do not fall in love with him*.. What will happen?!? *smirks*
Dengeki Daisy - Haha.. totally unique manga... It is also school-life.. it's about a girl *the heroine* have a hacker friend named *Daisy*, she doesn't know what is the real identity of Daisy *well.. Daisy disguises himself as the girl's school janitor and always look after her*.. this one is really hilarious... xD!
Chocolate Cosmos - Well... Yay! Another school-life based manga..*I'm really routing at these types of manga though*.. haha.. It's all about a girl *okay, the heroine* that always looks angry *she is so cute and pretty for me I think*... She got inlove with her *Super-cool and young* sensei.. yes! But of course, she had her childhood friend *Yushi is the name* that was jealous whenever she's with the sensei *he's secretly in love with her*.. yay! This manga was so cute.. *fingers-crossed*
Fly High! - Totally cool manga! *Super* The heroine here is not your ordinary girl *she learned every martial arts trained by her father because he thought that she was a boy*.. hha.. after 14 years of training, her father said that she cannot continue anymore because she was a girl *haha.. her father thought that she was really a boy*.. they went home and the girl's mother said that she should act as a girl.. and that begins her topsie-turvy life as a girl (^~^).. *sighs* I wanted to summarize it as precise as I could.. xD*
Otomen - Haha,, totally hilarious manga! This time, the center of attraction is a boy *he's the captain of the kendo club and he's totally handsome! *drools** haha... ayown! You might think he's tough cool guy but he has a big secret!.. He is an otomen! *Otomen is a japanese term that means a guy/boy who loves girls chores but he is not a gay*.. yehp!.. I really love this one.. haha. he fell in love with a girl *cute but has a manly attitude* *teehee*.. what will happen to their relationship? *fingers-crossed*
Fujoshi Kanojo - Haha.. perfect manga for my case I guess! *drools* Haha.. its all about a fujoshi-girl... hhaha.. *Fujoshi is a japanese term that means a girl who loves to read/watch BOYS LOVE type genres*. haha.. she really hide it with others until a guy *he's a part-time janitor of her company* confesses him. Haha... They started going out.. haha.. *what will happen to them?*.. haha.. totally cute manga.. *the girl always talk BOYS LOVE in front of the boy.. haha.. How cute reactions of the guy* totally awesome and cute manga! xD!

♥Shounen-Ai Genre♥
Kanjou Spectrum - I was captivated with the story.. totally sweet and adorable.. It started when a guy catches a glance of a guy.. haha.. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!* promise!..xD! Its a oneshot!
Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto - It is school-life.. *I'm inlove with the story and it so sweet*... It is all-about two first year highschoolers *they were actually dorm mates* the other guy is afraid of light while the other is afraid of dark.. totally opposite.. but because of this.. they really got closer.. and slowly.. they get over on with their own fears.. *so kawaiii!* xD!
Seven Days (Monday-Thursday) - Haha.. It is again school-life based.. so cute and and realistic.. It is all about a guy who had cool face but never gets a girlfriend, haha.. until, he met a first year *also a guy* who was popular with girls.. this guy is popular for having a girlfriend for only one week... The guy (who never gets girlfriend) became curious and that's why on one fated day, he actually said "How about going out with me?".. hha.. What will happen to their relationship? Is it still a week-long relationship or a permanent one?.. xD! *still wating for the next chapters*
Nanairo Sekai - Seven colors of the world in english. I love the plot..! so much *I'm not tired of you*.. haaha... very very cute.. the chapter 2 is only the shounen-ai ones.. the others are shoujo... yes! They are all highly recommended! *fingers crossed*.. xD! so sweet! (^~^)
Rin! - Weew! Cute plot and story! Sweet! hhaa.. All-like the Seven Days Manga.. (It blooms in the archery-club).. so cute and realistic... *teehee* I can't summarize it yet cause it's too hard.. haha!* check nyo n lang poh story.. very recommended *thumbs up!*

♥Gender-Bender Genre♥
Ice Revolution - Yay! The story revolves around a tomboy-girl *always mistaken as a guy* who meets ice skating.. yehp! Watch her evolution from a tomboy-girl to a fabulous ice skater.. the art is so great and good! I really love this one! *drools* All thumbs up!!!
Shouri no Akuma - haha! All about a guy crossdressing a girl *because he's beautiful* haha.. A transfer student from a private school got transfered to the school *where this guy who cross-dress is the student council president*.. hhaaha... find out about their lives in the manga.. so cute and hilarious! *well it is kinda drama too!*.. *i am still waiting for the next chapters.. teehee!*
1/2 Ouji - haha.. very hilarious one! This is a manhwa *manga from korean* so it is read from left to right! xD! Okay.. it's all about our heroine who plays a game... and in the game.. she is a pretty boy elf.. haha.. Yes! She's the first transverstite player in the game.. she became the leader of a very odd party in the game.. so hilarious.. haha.! *fingers-crossed* *grins*
O-Guts! - haha.. its all about a boy who got phobia on girls/women.. in order to treat his phobia to girls, her big sister, dressed her as a girl and forced him to join in an all-girls club *that is O-Guts* who protects the idols *2 popular guys *IDOLS*.. haha.. spoiler: His first kiss was stolen by one of the Idol.. haha. so hilarious and cute! *drools*
The Day of Revolution - this one is complete.. it is a side-story of the manga Princess Princess.. *check that one too* haha... xD! Okay.. It is all about a boy who later on became a full-pledge beautiful woman *somethings wrong with his genes*.. haha.. learn how to love a boy and how to be in relationship... so cute promise! I love it! (^~^)

Okay!!! Ito muna para sa ngaun! *Nakakapagod kasing gumawa ng summary.. haha*
For site referrences and for a good source to read manga online...

haha... okay!.. I'll update the recommended mangas as soon as I got more time.. *Hope so daily..* (^~^).. okay.. for sweet pixes I got... xD!

Haha! Okay! Naruto-based nnman tau! haha.. It's Sasuke and Naruto.. Its a fan-art.. but it is so cute! haha... *the title is Uchiha-Uzumaki couple*.. haha.. the child looked alot like of Sasuke.. Lolx!.. haha.. find it cute though! (^~^)!
Okay.. haha.. the whole Jinchuurikis ! *from one-tailed to nine-tailed (check their hands)* haha... for those who are wandering who were the other jinchuuriki's.. now take a look.. (^~^).. I'm so amazed on the art.. haha.. Good work Kishimoto-sensei! *drools*

Okay!.. I'll end up here muna... haha... Wala na akong maidagdag *mejo napagod ako haha*.. Again! Thanks for visiting the site..
Thank you for supporting my lay-outs (^~^)

Good Day Guys!

♠ MaOu ♠

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finished Unfinished! x Adobe! (^~^)

(^~^) Really Hectic Day!!! (^~^)
Saturday is my fave day! yehp! haha... pahinga to the max!
Sa totoo lang naman... di rin talaga pahinga... day talaga ito kung saan pwede akong mangalikot ng computer hanggang sa ako na yung manawa kakakalikot... (^~^)
Ayown! I got back on doing lay-outs! yayy! *really addict lol* but... this time, i got tired easily doing some *i dunno why... siguro dahil sa mga nangyari dis past few days*... I made my lil' sis a personalized lay-out *demand pa nga nya animated daw* *xD!* sobra... siguro nagtagal ako ng 2 hrs at higit pa sa harap ni adobe kagagawa nun.. *swt*..
Yung photoshop ko dinownload ko lng *free trial in short*, I downloaded the latest one..
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended *haha ang haba... may extended pa!*
Di ko na matandaan kung kelan ko xa dinowload pero sigurado ako February ko dinownload un, ayown... *shareware ang license nya dat means di sya totally free*... Nakakagulat nalang at yung 30 days trial na binigay sakin ay may 6 days remaining na lang! Grabeh lapit na gumive-up yung photoshop ko kaya kelangan ko na talagang bumili ng copy ko *xempre pirated okie na ako!*
Ayown... about skeds today, wala lang... same old lazy habbits of mine! Nangalikot ako ng computer.. xD! Una, naglaro ako ng pokemon pearl version, Nung inabot na ng Rapidash ko yung level 43, nagpahinga muna ako at nagbukas ng mangafox... *swt* haha, nagbasa ng kung anu-ano, from shoujo to shounen-ai to yaoi? */omg* haha.! then., mga bandang alas-tres ng hapon, Nagsimula na akong gumawa ng lay-outs... *dahil sa impluwensya ng mabait kong kapatid!* xD! Dahil doon, kinalikot ko si adobe ngayon *3:00 to 10:00 pm* haha!

(^~^) Sweet Corner!!!(^~^)
Okay!!! Lets get down to the anime/manga corner!!! haha! *drools*
Ayown... i got to read different manga's today... (^~^) *mostly comedy at romance ang genre*
haha! I'm really rooting on different genre's haha... i got swings from shoujo to shounen-ai! xD! I also love a couple of shounen manga's *number one sa listahan ng shounen manga ay ang Naruto at D.Grayman... xD!* Haha... addict talga sorry!
My sister and I also watched a couple of anime episodes today... *yung mga anime na sinusubaybayan namin ngaun kada linggo [on-going pa kasi sila]*
haha.. so these are the anime's that i would strongly recommend for my fellow anime addicts! (^~^) haha... the titles were listed below *check it out*
♥♥♥ Toradora *Highschool Comedy Romance!*
♥♥♥ Skip Beat ! *Comedy to the max [may konting romance... xD!!*
♥♥♥ Kuroshitsuji *Comedy, Mystery, Action and Shounen*
♥♥♥ Minami-Ke Okawari *purely comedy! *masakit ito sa tyan pramis!*
♥♥♥ Shugo Chara Doki! *Fantasy, Higschool, Comedy and Romance! Totally Cute!*
♥♥♥ Clannad AfterStory *Slice of Life, comedy xa pero may halong drama and values*
♥♥♥ Chrome Shelled Regios *action and comedy... i like the drawing lolx!*
♥♥♥ Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae *Haha.. Enma Ai returns back... Hell Girl Series*
♥♥♥ Soul Eater *Action-Comedy ito.. haha, parang Zombie Loan! xD!*
♥♥♥ Hitman Reborn *Haha... love this! Parang Soul-Eater/Bleach*
♥♥♥ Naruto and Bleach *haha.. mawawala ba ito sa listahan? haha*

Okay! haha... basta... recommended sila.. Dami pa ngang maganda kaso pag nilista ko lahat *goodluck sakin*, sobrang haba xa! haha..! *drools*
Para sa sweet treats... Haha.. I'll post some anime pics that really caught my attention for real! haha. di na Naruto ang basehan ko lolx! Some are cool yet some are hilariously funny!
check the images below... [CLICK the image for FULL VIEW]

Its Amu and Ikuto of Shugo Chara... *ooh I love them so much!* Haha.. really Hope that they'll truly end up with each other *smirks* haha! Its a screenshot from Shugo Chara Doki!

Love this image so much! *the one from my fs lay-out.. haha.. it is amazingly cute! ♥
Haha! The puppies made the image cuter and funnier (^~^)

Okay! Next time.. kukuha pa ako ng mga matinong images.. *lmao* xD!
hanggang sa susunod.. *anu ito TV show?* xD!

*sa mga lay-outs ko*
super thanks (^~^)...Love you all!

Last week of exams is nextweek... yay!
matta ne!

╬ MaOu ╬

Friday, March 13, 2009

Requiem! x Silver Chaos! (^~^)

Yattaaaa!!! *clenched fist forward*... after having so many difficulties on my connection here at home... the PLDT company finally got to fix the problem *puppy eyes* After 3 days horror of no-internet-connection... i entertained myself by playing pokemon games and BL game that i borrowed from my fellow club member *jemmy-san!!! [lurv it]*... haha...
Pag wala ka pala talagang magawa sa buhay mo... talagang maghahanap ka ng paraan para malibang eh noh?!? Hahaha... masaya naman at I got my eyes open on other entertainment na pwedeng ibigay ng pinakamamahal kong computer *shining eyes!!!* haha... siyempre.. I got curious on the BL game that my co-member lend me... xD!*syempre yun ang inuna kong laruin... lol!*...
the title of the game is
Silver Chaos: Eternal Fantasia
Sino bang di maiintriga sa larong un? Eh yung pangalan palang... kakaiba na dating sakin... plus...BL game pa xa diba? *drools* [Note: BL stands for BoysLove meaning... contains BoyXBoy] xD~ *Humarap ako sa computer at ininstall ko si SIlver Chaos* [lmao] haha... nagulantang ako... haha.. meh nagsalita na lalaki sa umpisa! *japanese xa...*xD! narinig ng aking nasabi tuloy nyang... "anu yan?!? (~>~)" haha... ayown! kaya ako'y nagheadset imbis na speaker..!...maganda sana... kaso... japanese ang language nya... lolx!... pero sabi naman ng nagpahiram sakin... meh settings naman daw na pede gawing english ang language.. well... first off..
yun talaga ang unang hinalugad ko sa game options!.. haha..... nga pala.. sa baba ung some screenshots na nakuha ko at the start of the game.. d2 ko hinanap ung setting na language.. xD! [i made the screenies in thumbnail sizes]
Haha... japanese xa! kaya mejo nakakaduling... *pfft*.. but nothing can stop me at playing the game... haha.. kaya nahanap ko rin ang setting na un... *haha... nothing can stop a fangirl's desire.. ika nga...* *drools*... okay... umpisa palang may mga bishies na [Note... pretty boy] haha... okay... game proper.. nagsimula yung game... by interviewing me... what type of guy would i prefer to be... *smirks*... haha... may mga pagpipilian eh... choices are below...
[☻] Delicate and Smart
[☻] Cool and Happy

[☻] Cool and Serious

[☻] Smart but Naughty

[☻] Stubborn but Gentle

[☻] Weird and Serious

haha.. pili na kau!... xempre... ako.. pinili ko ay ung Cool and Happy Type *smirks*... ayown... hahaahha... at ang binigay saking character ay.... *drum rolls*
Might (~_~)...
haha.. ayown... at mukhang alam ko na kung ano ang mangyayari sakin dito...
xD!He's looking so girly... *gulp*... haha... i think he's quite cheerful but i think he's not cool enough.. xD! but anyway... di ko na muna babaguhin.. goal ko kasi talaga...kung panu ba tlga nilalaro ito... haha... *regardless of the character* LET THE GAME BEGINS!!! xD! *balak kong ibahin ang character ko after na ma-try kong maglaro nito*.. first time ko ata ito... kaya nga super excited ako nung nilalaro ko ito... haha! *lmao* xS! i freakin... freakin... freakin.. love the game and how it is played! It is like... ahmm... the setting is on a castle on a land name Silveria... haha... it is like...
you're going to play an RPG [note... role playing game] and kinda DATE-SIMS... haha... the whole castle is surrounded by guys! haha.. wala akong nakitang babae... I swear! xD! i love the displays of the game.. promise... *i got hooked!*... xD! game!.. the story is about kingdoms.. well.. ung character ko... happened to be... son ng king ng kingdom namin... *Well there were other kingdoms and the game showed the faces of the rulers... [haha... guess what.. they all good looking.. lolx!]*
*Pretty Guys Madness Ito! *laughs hilariously*


well..another feature that i like on the game, is also.. they provide collections of screenshots...
*the screenshots you saw during the game play is saved in a photoalbum... well... ma-aaccess mo lang ung mga screenshots na mga nakita mo na xempre*.. actually... di ko pa nga na-uunlock ung ibang screenshots eh... *cries helplessly*... kaya nga, balak kong laruin ulit ito.. then.. try ko ibang character types xD! sabi kasi nung nagpahiram sakin eh... ma-uunlock daw lahat un basta natry ko daw lahat ng guy types.. well... *drools*.. i got more excited... pero xempre... di muna ngaun... magtra-try muna ako ng ibang games [pokemon games] *computer game addict talaga* xD!
well.. for some screenies... *categorized as eyecandies for me xD*.. i got some screenies from the game [see below]
*from the photoalbum feature of the game i mentioned earlier* okay! Lets start!


Again... this is dedicated to all BL-Loving fans outder like me... (^~^)
i got tons of images of silver chaos here but the others are way too erotic and hot so i think i'll not post it any further in my blog... *smirks*... well.. hope you'll like the sample screenies above... *bows head*...
haha.. i love the artwork very much... so much that i really love the game itself *lol* i got to pair and play my character with different guys... *lolx*.. haha...

Well.. i'll cut this post till here muna... its gettin really late and i got school tomorrow.. *cries helplessly*...
Geezz... need to wake up so early... *pfft*... sige poh! Good Day sainyong lahat!!!

ja na!
╬ MaOu ╬

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stripes x Second Sweet Arc!

Okay... Stripes ang motiff ng damit ko ngaun.. *ehrr.. no choice eh. stripes kasi ung jacket ko*...
Maganda ang gising ko ngaun... kasi naman isa nanaman ito sa pinakamaaga kong gising sa buong buhay ko... *smirks*...
I woke up 7:45 today... haha... simba daw kasi kami... *hala* kain, ligo, sipilyo tas bihis na...*
Nilabas ni mama ang jacket na stripes.. sabi nya.. un daw ang gamitin ko... *para daw new sa paningin ng mga kasabayan naming nagsisimba twing linggo*
siyempre.. bilang obedient na anak... and i like the brown/white stripes... sino ako para tanggihan ung offer ni mama... kaso, malaki ang prinoblema ko doon sa pang-ibaba ko... haha...
wala akong makitang kapartner ng stripes... haha... *i looked around on my closet [naks closet closet pa... sa totoo lang di talaga closet un, para syang maletang malaki]*... inabot ko ang pinakababa ng so-called closet ko... haha.. ayun... meh natagpuan ako... checkered na brown shorts... haha *di nasayang effort ko* pero napagod ako ibalik ung mga damit na nailabas ko... *well dats life.. ayusin mo ang gamit mo kung ayaw mong mapagalitan ng butihin mong ina*.. suot ako nun... checkered shorts + white t-shirt + striped jacket! ayos!
para akong pupunta sa circus.. haha... *well.. laitin ba ang porma eh*... sabi naman ng kapatid ko.. Okay lang na may halong nakakainis na tawa ... haha... *pwede na raw akong gumanap na joker*... haha.. ayun... kami'y umalis na... pumunta simbahan den deretso ng simbahan tas pagkatapos punta kami session road para sa panagbenga... haha.. ayun.. naging maayos naman ang paglalakad namin.. except lang na.. maxadong matakaw sa paningin ng tao ang suot ko... haha.. *smirks*

Okay... sweet treats naman tayo ha?!? *spends hours dozing around on flickr and deviantart website.. haha... lurv it!

First treat... (^~^) ... LoLx... gonna stick to Naruto again (^~^)
Its Naruto and Hinata... I really love this pairing.. *well.. other than SasuNaru... haha.*
I love the artist who drew this one... he made it very great and so-Naruto like... *squeels*
Got this from flickr.. haha.!
thanks inno-chan*!

Second... haha... *ehrr.. Naruto again* hahaa!
Gaara... haha *lmao* I laughed so much when I saw this pic...
editted by
Stephen-nii.. *actually this is his avatar on ragnaboards*...
He actually made gaara stupid.. but soo cute.. haha *lurv it*

Third... haha.. *dont ask again... about Naruto again!
Haha.. Rock Lee sure is smart eh? Haha.. drawn and editted by Sune-san...
haha.. so cute and so smart.. *they made my gaara stupid again here* Noooooo! *moe*

Fourth.. waw.. got to have fourth one.. love it.. xD!
I freakin.. love this image... *so much that it made me laugh*..
haha... Poor itachi... his eyesight deteriorated.. *maybe because of using too much sharinggan?*
ahaahaha... I don't know who drawn this one.. got this pic from flickr... haha...
So cute and so funny.. (^~^)

Well... for manga updates: Yes! Haha...
Yah know?!?
PRINCE OF TENNIS returns back..
yes! well.. there is a manga.. it is called... SHIN TENNIS NO OUJI...
haha... actually... the setting is after the Nationals! yes!! I love it...
this time.. they got a training camp here.. it is like... Middle Schoolers [them] vs. High Schoolers [insignificant others...] haha... So cool.. they were showing offs and the HighSchoolers were so amazed with them *well atfirst... minamaliit nila ung mga middle schoolers].. haha...
Love it.. I'll definitely wait for the chapters of this... haha...
Prince of Tennis all the way.. haha..

Well... thats it for today... I'm kinda busy ryt now... haha,,,
Good day to all... (^~^)
Last day of Panagbenga na haha,, (^~^)
Ja na!

╬ MaOu ╬

Its Been a WhiLe x First Sweet Arc! /swt

Yeah.. antagal na nung last akong nagpost dito... *haha... halata naman sa dates ng post*
Really got so busy around..! *smirks!*
It's Panagbenga here in Baguio... means... sarado ang session road at punong puno ito ng stalls... punong-puno ng tao ang buong session road... maraming tindang pagkain *haha... first reason ko kaya gusto ko ng panagbenga*, maraming tindang accesories at mga kung anu-ano... voodoo dolls *personally fave thingy* at madami pang iba.. grabeh... super gala kami ng classmates ko kanina sa session road *tired my feet out*... haha.. ayown... wala lang... nagpapagod lang ako ng konti *jowk*.. masaya naman eh maski masakit sa paa ang kalalakad... punung puno ng kulur ang buong session... I like the parpol and fenk balloons!.. nyahaa!...

Well.. maiba naman tau... for eyecandies... i have pictures from deviantart *haha - i really love this site lol*... well some pics made my jaw dropped yah know?~ (^~^).. well...
atleast enjoy! xD!

First image... lolx! Its Sasuke and Naruto in Cursed and Kyuubi form...
(Click the image for FULL VIEW)
Haha... my jaw dropped here... I love the art and the pose.. *fiercely sexy* *lol*

Second Image... Haha..! It's Sasuke, Naruto and Sai! xD! (Click the image for FULL VIEW)
Really love this image... superrr cuteee *lolx*

Third one... Haha.. fan-art drawn by Akira Mikado *i love his works a lot* so cute!
Okay, this time... its Shikamaru, Kiba, Sasuke and Naruto in school uniforms *so cute!!!*
(click the image FOR FULL VIEW)

Haha... Lahat Naruto... *lolx*... wala lang.. kasi.. di pa rin ako makaalis sa mga pangyayari sa manga ng naruto.. *pfft*..
Gusto ko pa nga sanang magpost ng iba pang picture... *but I'm too lazy for that*..
ito muna para sa araw na ito.. i'll try updating this blog everyday *awooo.. sana may time ako*...

sa ngaun... baka matagal ulti kami di magkikita ni Computer ko.. atleast for today.. kasi naman... meh tests tapos kailangan ko ng tapusin ung isang manga ko.. haha... the Anime club in our university is freakin me out para lang hanapin ang kasunod nun! *very tired*.. haha.. atleast magawa ko ang chapter 6 - 7... *cries helplessly*... haha.. kamusta naman un... kada page ng manga pag nagdrodrowing ako.. inaabot ako ng isang oras mahigit.. haha.. *wala pang bolpen un*... haha... kaya baka rough sketches palang tlaga.. haha.. *go!*

Sensya na seiya-san *our dear anime club president*.. haha d ko maayos! *lol*

Okay.. end muna d2.. for today!
Happy Panagbenga Baguio Citizens!..
Have a Nice day!!!

*I miss my two masters already!*
to them! Have a Nice day masters!! lablab!☻