Thursday, March 26, 2009

Demon Asleep x Awakening *again*!

It's been a long time *again* since I didn't update the posts... Recently kasi busy ako... at maraming gumambala sa matahimik at maayos na buhay ko... *sighs*.. That's life daw eh! (^~^)
Ayaw ko naman pag-usapan un d2 kasi masakit lang sa kamay at sa mata i-type.. *drools*..
Okay... Not much of true life *I guess* muna... haha.. kasi me, myself done various things this past days... sobra naring daming problema.. *oh yeah!* (^~^)... but still... I really wanted to be at bliss today, kaya Let's cheer up by starting a day with sweet treats! *change topic eh*

Okay... Due to Stephen-nii's and Jemmy-neechama's idea... I'll post some good manga's for you to read... since almost all of the visitors here in my blog are manga-lovers like me.. *thank you guyss!* xD! Okay.. I'll list some of it according to genre... *goodluck to me*.. haha.. some of them are ongoing.. *actually most of them*.. okay.. Check out the list below (^~^)!

Warning: They are ALL totally CUTE! *Certified it!*

♥ Shoujo Genre ♥
Highschool Koukou Debut - Okay.. it is a school life manga where the heroine hope to have a boyfriend but her charm isn't enough thats why... she asked a guy *yehp.. a very cool guy* to coach him in one condition... *do not fall in love with him*.. What will happen?!? *smirks*
Dengeki Daisy - Haha.. totally unique manga... It is also school-life.. it's about a girl *the heroine* have a hacker friend named *Daisy*, she doesn't know what is the real identity of Daisy *well.. Daisy disguises himself as the girl's school janitor and always look after her*.. this one is really hilarious... xD!
Chocolate Cosmos - Well... Yay! Another school-life based manga..*I'm really routing at these types of manga though*.. haha.. It's all about a girl *okay, the heroine* that always looks angry *she is so cute and pretty for me I think*... She got inlove with her *Super-cool and young* sensei.. yes! But of course, she had her childhood friend *Yushi is the name* that was jealous whenever she's with the sensei *he's secretly in love with her*.. yay! This manga was so cute.. *fingers-crossed*
Fly High! - Totally cool manga! *Super* The heroine here is not your ordinary girl *she learned every martial arts trained by her father because he thought that she was a boy*.. hha.. after 14 years of training, her father said that she cannot continue anymore because she was a girl *haha.. her father thought that she was really a boy*.. they went home and the girl's mother said that she should act as a girl.. and that begins her topsie-turvy life as a girl (^~^).. *sighs* I wanted to summarize it as precise as I could.. xD*
Otomen - Haha,, totally hilarious manga! This time, the center of attraction is a boy *he's the captain of the kendo club and he's totally handsome! *drools** haha... ayown! You might think he's tough cool guy but he has a big secret!.. He is an otomen! *Otomen is a japanese term that means a guy/boy who loves girls chores but he is not a gay*.. yehp!.. I really love this one.. haha. he fell in love with a girl *cute but has a manly attitude* *teehee*.. what will happen to their relationship? *fingers-crossed*
Fujoshi Kanojo - Haha.. perfect manga for my case I guess! *drools* Haha.. its all about a fujoshi-girl... hhaha.. *Fujoshi is a japanese term that means a girl who loves to read/watch BOYS LOVE type genres*. haha.. she really hide it with others until a guy *he's a part-time janitor of her company* confesses him. Haha... They started going out.. haha.. *what will happen to them?*.. haha.. totally cute manga.. *the girl always talk BOYS LOVE in front of the boy.. haha.. How cute reactions of the guy* totally awesome and cute manga! xD!

♥Shounen-Ai Genre♥
Kanjou Spectrum - I was captivated with the story.. totally sweet and adorable.. It started when a guy catches a glance of a guy.. haha.. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!* promise!..xD! Its a oneshot!
Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto - It is school-life.. *I'm inlove with the story and it so sweet*... It is all-about two first year highschoolers *they were actually dorm mates* the other guy is afraid of light while the other is afraid of dark.. totally opposite.. but because of this.. they really got closer.. and slowly.. they get over on with their own fears.. *so kawaiii!* xD!
Seven Days (Monday-Thursday) - Haha.. It is again school-life based.. so cute and and realistic.. It is all about a guy who had cool face but never gets a girlfriend, haha.. until, he met a first year *also a guy* who was popular with girls.. this guy is popular for having a girlfriend for only one week... The guy (who never gets girlfriend) became curious and that's why on one fated day, he actually said "How about going out with me?".. hha.. What will happen to their relationship? Is it still a week-long relationship or a permanent one?.. xD! *still wating for the next chapters*
Nanairo Sekai - Seven colors of the world in english. I love the plot..! so much *I'm not tired of you*.. haaha... very very cute.. the chapter 2 is only the shounen-ai ones.. the others are shoujo... yes! They are all highly recommended! *fingers crossed*.. xD! so sweet! (^~^)
Rin! - Weew! Cute plot and story! Sweet! hhaa.. All-like the Seven Days Manga.. (It blooms in the archery-club).. so cute and realistic... *teehee* I can't summarize it yet cause it's too hard.. haha!* check nyo n lang poh story.. very recommended *thumbs up!*

♥Gender-Bender Genre♥
Ice Revolution - Yay! The story revolves around a tomboy-girl *always mistaken as a guy* who meets ice skating.. yehp! Watch her evolution from a tomboy-girl to a fabulous ice skater.. the art is so great and good! I really love this one! *drools* All thumbs up!!!
Shouri no Akuma - haha! All about a guy crossdressing a girl *because he's beautiful* haha.. A transfer student from a private school got transfered to the school *where this guy who cross-dress is the student council president*.. hhaaha... find out about their lives in the manga.. so cute and hilarious! *well it is kinda drama too!*.. *i am still waiting for the next chapters.. teehee!*
1/2 Ouji - haha.. very hilarious one! This is a manhwa *manga from korean* so it is read from left to right! xD! Okay.. it's all about our heroine who plays a game... and in the game.. she is a pretty boy elf.. haha.. Yes! She's the first transverstite player in the game.. she became the leader of a very odd party in the game.. so hilarious.. haha.! *fingers-crossed* *grins*
O-Guts! - haha.. its all about a boy who got phobia on girls/women.. in order to treat his phobia to girls, her big sister, dressed her as a girl and forced him to join in an all-girls club *that is O-Guts* who protects the idols *2 popular guys *IDOLS*.. haha.. spoiler: His first kiss was stolen by one of the Idol.. haha. so hilarious and cute! *drools*
The Day of Revolution - this one is complete.. it is a side-story of the manga Princess Princess.. *check that one too* haha... xD! Okay.. It is all about a boy who later on became a full-pledge beautiful woman *somethings wrong with his genes*.. haha.. learn how to love a boy and how to be in relationship... so cute promise! I love it! (^~^)

Okay!!! Ito muna para sa ngaun! *Nakakapagod kasing gumawa ng summary.. haha*
For site referrences and for a good source to read manga online...

haha... okay!.. I'll update the recommended mangas as soon as I got more time.. *Hope so daily..* (^~^).. okay.. for sweet pixes I got... xD!

Haha! Okay! Naruto-based nnman tau! haha.. It's Sasuke and Naruto.. Its a fan-art.. but it is so cute! haha... *the title is Uchiha-Uzumaki couple*.. haha.. the child looked alot like of Sasuke.. Lolx!.. haha.. find it cute though! (^~^)!
Okay.. haha.. the whole Jinchuurikis ! *from one-tailed to nine-tailed (check their hands)* haha... for those who are wandering who were the other jinchuuriki's.. now take a look.. (^~^).. I'm so amazed on the art.. haha.. Good work Kishimoto-sensei! *drools*

Okay!.. I'll end up here muna... haha... Wala na akong maidagdag *mejo napagod ako haha*.. Again! Thanks for visiting the site..
Thank you for supporting my lay-outs (^~^)

Good Day Guys!

♠ MaOu ♠


  1. Thanks for the post ate!
    I really love your works and posts!
    I actually love to visit here every now and then...
    thanks for the manga and anime advices...
    more power!

  2. Nice manga picks! Love it!
    Post some more!
    Good referrences!
    Arigato nee-san!


  4. Woah! Speechless ako ate!
    Nice Manga Picks!
    Love you ate! so good!

  5. Nakita ko lang po itong blog nyo sa fs lay-outs and I really love reading mangas too ate..
    thanks for posting some manga titles..
    i love the shounen-ai section!
    I love those genres too.!
    please post more of it.. thank you!

    P.S. I love your lay-outs too!
    I actually update my profile with your lay-out
    every week!..

    Godbless and More Power!

  6. Thanks for the post! I love it.

  7. gender-bender mangas/manwhas are my favorite;
    can you please give me some advice for more beautiful mangas/manwhas/manhuas and the site?
    pls pls pls pls. they are all adorable :)

  8. Love the manga posts..
    Thanks for sharing it ate!
    More power ^^

  9. (^~^) Thanks a lot guys!
    I never knew there were so many manga-lovers out there like me.. xD!
    Thanks a lot.. xD!

  10. do you have s site or know a site where i can find and free read of yaoi comics specially bara yaoi's?as well as picts

  11. bara yaoi's? i can't think of mangasites...
    there is... mangafox... it is the only site who displays yaoi.. the others don't display..

    about yaoi pics.. *aarinfantasy* is a good choice... Their forum got a section for yaoi photoalbums that is listed according to the anime/title/author... you can see great pics on there... *I keep my eyes there every now and then...* Next time.. I'll try to create links on those great manga sites *well that displays yaoi*.. xD!

    Thanks a lot guys (^~^)

  12. ate... can you post some beautiful yaoi mangas? yung may link na po.. na-inlove kasi ako sa mga manga na ni-list mo sa shounen-ai section..
    i'll wait for it ah.
    tc po. thanks! =]

  13. thanks ate..
    tanong lang po sana ako, may alam po ba kayong site kung saan pwedeng mag-download ng raw scans ng manga?

  14. HI, ikaw ba si maou?
    im rufffa,i like your layouts so much!!!
    i an anime fan rin!
    gusto ko sang mag request kung pwede...
    pwede mo ba akong gawan ng friendster layout na maypicture ni temari at shikamaru?
    kung pwede lang naman...
    pero sana mapagbigyan mo ako...
    arigato gusaimasu!

  15. hi poh...pede puh ba magrequest..pgawwa naman puh ng layout nina naruto and sasuke khit nung pic puh,,, tnx