Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Month-Long AsLeep...

Guys! I'm kinda not goin' to keep an eye for the site for a month *or longer*...
My father told me to go home to Manila this April 2... *sniffles*
I can't drag my desktop with me though *it's too heavy* *sobs* and absolutely no internet-connection at Manila either... xD! *geez.. I'm getting too lonely when I got to think of it again...*
Well.. Though I'm not goin' to online very often *not like now*, You can still leave comments and requests on here... I'll try to respond to it as soon as I got back here *It's a promise!*
Okay.. I can't wait to see my master and senpai there! *drools*

Okay.. for contacts.. *every now and then... somebody is asking me about it* sorry bout' that! I'll list my active accounts.. xD! *You can kindly leave comments and requests there or here*.. *teary eyes*

♣♣♣ Friendster Account! (Click Me!) ♣♣♣
♣♣♣ FS-Layout Account! (Click Me!) ♣♣♣

I'll keep my eye on here and the given sites above every now and then *I could always rent computer at any computer shop anyways.. xD!*

Time for AniManga Sweet Treats...!
Okay.. for now... I'm not goin' to display specific mangas today.. *sorry*
I don't have much time left because I'm goin to leave and go to Manila in exactly 2 hours... so I can't manage to extend this posts... xD! Though.. I'll leave some sites *useful sites* to those BL Lovers like me and also to those who loves anime just much as myself! (^~^)

♣♣♣ Tokudane ♣♣♣
This site provides a wide and up-to-date lists and links of yaoi/yuri mangas *the mangas here are definitely translated!*.. It has links so you can download and read it right away! Well.. this site is my up-to-date guides in terms of BL Genres.

♣♣♣ Aarinfantasy ♣♣♣
This is a stand-alone site to those who just love BL Animes and Genre... Aarinfantasy is the first and foremost scanlation/fansubbed group who sponsors different BL Animes we have right now... Such as Junjou Romantica, Gakuen Heaven, Sukisho, Irokoi Romantan, Princess Princess, Loveless, KirePapa, Papa to kiss in the Dark, Okane Ga Nai, Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation.. *so many more*... So if you want a BL-anime update.. go here! (^~^) I heard there were a couple of BL-animes to be released this year! (^~^)

♣♣♣ Aarinfantasy Gallery ♣♣♣
Okay.. This site *actually it's a forum* contains wide and high-quality yaoi pictures.. xD! *geez... be sure to be adult enough before you go here because some pictures are way too hot.. yah know?* If I can remember.. you should be a member before you access *in full access* the whole gallery.. Dont worry guys! Registering as their member is so easy! It's worthwhile though! (^~^) So.. to those who were askin' where to get picture.. Its recommended to go here.. (^~^)

♣♣♣ MangaFox Yaoi Side! ♣♣♣
I bet many of you knew MangaFox right? haha.. Okay... The link above displays all BL mangas that were available to read-online to the mangafox site.. xD! To those who wanted to read-online.. This is the best site *It contains very wide selection of BL manga in different genres!*.. Geez.. I guess.. I already read the half of them.. haha! (^~^)

♣♣♣ MangaFox Gender-Bender Side! ♣♣♣
Okay.. this time.. The link above displays all Gender-Bender mangas that were available to read-online to the mangafox site... xD! Gender-Bender genre is all about changing genders of hero/heroine by cross-dressing or even changing gender with the opposite gender in some cases... examples of it is Ouran Highschool Host Club *Haruhi, a girl who cross-dresses as a guy*.. I love love this genre so much.. haha. so to those who just loved gender bender genres *like me*... you can hit the link above! There were different gender-bender genres out there!

♣♣♣ MangaHelpers ♣♣♣
Okay.. change topic..! To those who wanted to see raw mangas *mangas that aren't been scanlated and released*.. you can go here.. it provides a wide range of Raw mangas... I go here whenever I feel like I can't wait for next chapters of any manga I'm readin'.. warning: It may contain spoilers so better to think of it (^~^)

♣♣♣ Anilinkz ♣♣♣
This site contains up-to-date animes... yes! You can watch here for free!.. They were streaming free animes here licensed and unlicensed, so you can definitely enjoy watching here without any worries... As far as I can remember,, this free-anime-streaming site contains the largest library of animes of all time *trust me* from old ones to current ones.. haha.. I'm watchin' lots of anime all the time there.. haha..! (^~^)

Junjou Romantica AMV's! *My fellow Anime Brigade members' amv*

Okay.. I guess.. Its my time to get goin' already.. or else I'm gonna be late for my reserved ticket..
If you want to know more about any other reference links of mine... don't hesitate to go on the Link to Heaven section of this blog.. (^~^).. sorry no manga-title updates for now.. I really don't have enough time.. *sobs* geez! I gotta go!

Thank You Very Much Guys!!! (^~^)
Happy Summer Vacation!!!

♠ Maou ♠


  1. Okay po!
    Thanks for the links.
    Itarashai Maou-sama!

  2. Woah! What a AMV.! haha.
    niways. Ingat ka sa byahe =].
    Stay cool always.
    PM me at YM lagi. =]

  3. take care ate!
    thanks for the links ^^

  4. Haha,, you really posted some of the AMVs' of our fellow anime club members!
    I really love it!
    Niways.. have a Good Trip!

  5. aww.. really going?
    Well,, tc always!
    thanx a lot for the posts today, in both FS Layouts and Links here. thanx so much.
    you are cool!

  6. cute and sweet.
    itsumo oki wo tsukete nee-san. ^__^

  7. saan po pedeng manood ng BL animes online ate? yung kumpleto po. btw, tenkyu po sa posts nyo..
    nadagdagan referrences ko ah! arigatou ^^

  8. i love the sites ur givin'...

  9. certified cute... =]

  10. Leani Alnica M. AuxilioJuly 11, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    Hello po, I was looking at your layouts in, and I wuuv them! <33
    Pede po ba pa-request? Pero hindi po anime, uhm, indie band po... yung Meg and Dia. ^.^ Link ng image is here:

    Thank you in advance po! :D Anime addict din po ako, sho if you wanna get in touch or something, YM ko is
    Honto ni arigato gozaimas! :)

  11. I found your blog so cute and interesting...
    Ur pinay right? thats too cute to find an otaku like me.. I love BL too!

    Always take care!

  12. I love the links ate.
    Can you post some links dedicated for Cute Animes with lots of BISHIES in it? I love bishies.. (BL is a big YES! I love genres for it)..

    I'm gonna wait for that post. thans :DD

    I find your lay-outs cute too.
    Keep up the good work!